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New Perspectives Center has been acquired, recent sell-side transaction by Mertz Taggart.

Updated: May 17, 2023

Words cannot express our gratitude and gratefulness to the Mertz Taggart team for their successful handling of the marketing and sale of our 27-year-old prized possession, our business. We tried selling our business on our own and were both unsuccessful and stressed out from the experience. Due to those negative interactions, we then researched and interviewed many of the M&A firms out there and Mertz Taggart easily stood above the rest. They really get to know your business and try to find you the best match.

To our surprise, they were able to directly contact the CCO of our preferred buyer which did two things; it cut down on the usual time involved in a sale (only took 3 and a half months from the signing with MT to the closing of the deal) and they were able to negotiate a price that was more than double our original offer!

The people at Mertz Taggart are very patient and reassuring as they walk you through the process of the ups and downs of selling your business. They are highly professional and knowledgeable and are very well connected to and in the behavioral health field. They provide you with solid understandable information and give you options to help you make the best decisions and choices. They are strong advocates not only for you, but also for the people that work for you.

Overall, they looked out for our interests and did it with a personal touch that we feel we would not have received elsewhere. We trusted Mertz Taggart with our business and you can too. We are thankful to them for helping us turn a dream into a reality.

Take care,

Tim Markwell

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