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Specializing in Home Care Mergers & Acquisitions

Healthcare mergers and acquisitions are becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the home care sector. This is due to a number of factors, including an aging population and an increase in the number of seniors who prefer to receive care at home. As a result, there is a growing demand for home health care agencies, making them more valuable than ever before.


The surge in demand for home care M&A is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. This is because private equity firms and public home care companies are increasingly interested in acquiring home care agencies. Private equity funds are attracted by the potential for high returns on investment, while public home care companies are looking to expand their businesses and improve their population management and coordinated care initiatives.


Traditionally, private duty, Medicaid and state-funded home care agencies were considered to be on the fringes of the healthcare industry. However, these sectors are now experiencing renewed interest, with a flurry of M&A activity on the horizon. This is due in part to an influx of non-traditional buyers, as well as private equity funds, who see the potential for growth and profitability in this sector.


If you are considering selling your home care agency, now may be the best time to do so. With demand for home care services on the rise and interest from private equity and public companies, you may be able to achieve a higher valuation for your business than ever before. At Mertz Taggart, we specialize in helping home care agencies navigate the complex world of mergers and acquisitions. Our experienced team can help you maximize the value of your business and find the right buyer to take your company to the next level.

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I highly recommend Cory and his team. They went above and beyond to help us through the sale of our company. They found a great buyer and negotiated on our behalf to get a higher multiple than we had anticipated. Their assistance didn't end at the closing table. Cory has since called us multiple times to see if everything was going well or if we needed assistance. Exceptional, professional customer service is what you can expect from Mertz Taggart!


Eric Pumfery, CEO, Home Sweet Home In-Home Care


Cory Mertz Managing Partner Mertz Taggart

Cory Mertz

M&AMI – Managing Partner

Bruce Vanderlaan Managing Director at Mertz Taggart

Bruce Vanderlaan

JD – Managing Director

Eduardo Tavel Financial Analyst at Mertz Taggart

Eduardo Tavel

CFA, CAIA – Associate

Michael Lloyd M&A Associate at Mertz Taggart

Michael Lloyd

M&A Associate

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