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Specializing in Mental Health Mergers & Acquisitions

Every year, as many as one in five Americans experiences mental illness. State and federal legislative efforts are therefore recognizing the need to destigmatize the industry and move towards better access to mental health treatment.


The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression. Additionally, the mental health sector is growing due to better understanding the link between improved mental health and the effects on one’s overall health. This growth is creating more and more opportunities in mental health M&A.


Are you interested to know the value of your mental health treatment center? Contact us today and find out the value of your mental health treatment center.


Kevin Taggart Managing Partner Mertz Taggart

Kevin Taggart

CM&AP – Managing Partner


Sandra Zervoudakis Managing Director Mertz Taggart

Sandra Zervoudakis

MS, LMHC, CAP – Managing Director


Anke Stugk Senior Financial Analyst Mertz Taggart

Anke Stugk

Ph.D. – Senior Financial Analyst


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