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Specializing in Hospice Mergers & Acquisitions

The number of patients utilizing hospice services has been increasing steadily for the past decade. And hospice use has grown even more quickly than the growth of the senior population, meaning there is still plenty of room for expansion in the sector.

That’s why it’s time to think about what’s next for your hospice company. Are you ready to plan an exit strategy? If so, you need expert guidance to help you optimize your results. Or perhaps you would like to know the value of your hospice?  We are here to assist you no matter where you are in your strategic planning process.


Cory Mertz Managing Partner Mertz Taggart

Cory Mertz

M&AMI – Managing Partner


Bruce Vanderlaan Managing Director Mertz Taggart

Bruce Vanderlaan

JD – Managing Director


Eduardo Tavel Financial Analyst Mertz Taggart

Eduardo Tavel

Financial Analyst


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