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Specializing in Infusion Therapy Mergers & Acquisitions

The Infusion Therapy Mergers & Acquisitions field is seeing an increase in popularity. Technological advancements, increased demand for alternate site infusion services, driven by the payers, and a fragmented industry are fueling this growth.  This surge in demand for infusion therapy M&A is expected to continue moving forward.


Historically viewed as niche players within the healthcare sector, infusion therapy providers are now seeing a breakthrough in M&A activity, signaling a significant shift in industry perception. 


At Mertz Taggart, we continue to deepen our engagement in the Infusion Therapy sector, recognizing the critical timing for strategic M&A activity in this evolving market. With a projected growth rate of 8.6% through 2030, driven by demographic shifts and an increase in chronic health conditions, the infusion therapy industry is rapidly expanding. The move towards more cost-effective treatment options, like home and ambulatory infusion centers, is creating unprecedented opportunities for owners.

For a more thorough overview of the infusion M&A marketplace and its drivers, download the PDF by clicking the download link below.


Cory Mertz Managing Partner Mertz Taggart

Cory Mertz

M&AMI – Managing Partner

Eduardo Tavel Financial Analyst at Mertz Taggart

Eduardo Tavel

CFA, CAIA – Associate

Michael Lloyd M&A Associate at Mertz Taggart

Michael Lloyd

M&A Associate

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